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@aspro wrote:

As the 1376 nightlies didn’t work, I switched to the 1441 nightlies but everything (even the log) remained the same.
Shouldn’t there be a line telling me that the transcode script is used?
If already tested the script by hand and it produces nice waves (or mp3s as this is what I need).
Furthermore I’ve tried different files: alac, ogg, mp3.

mp3 files dont’ get transcoded. Even if you specify it in the config file. If you connect with an iTunes client, it knows you can play alac, and mp3, so it won’t even try to transcode those.

As far as transcoding to mp3, it won’t go. It transcodes to .wav, not mp3. And it’s hard-coded that way. If you send it an mp3 stream, it won’t work. iTunes (or whatever your client is) will barf.