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Thanks Pete,
Please don’t take my previous post the wrong way… there was a spam post between that has since been removed.
I have removed the two files and confirmed that they are gone, and unslinging appears to work, but on rebooting the slug, everything seems “a bit weird”… I log in as root using the password on the disk, not the internal flash, but I can’t use IPKG, it gives “No such file or directory”. I Googled and found another command (something like CIPKG) that appeared to work when I CIPKG Update, but I have a nasty feeling that the slug isn’t booting off the disk and all I”ve done is fill up the internal flash.

I don’t want to format the disk as it was the backup of the disk that failed. I think the plan now is just to reflash the slug, maybe with 6.8, and unsling to a USB flash drive.

I’d be interested in your thoughts on this though.
Thanks for the reply.