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@cdesaint wrote:

Hi Ron,

So I’m getting my LSPro this afternoon, and the development of Freelink / Openlink is still very early on. Based on information at the linkstation Wiki, I’m pretty sure I can flash the firmware and get devtools setup on it. Once I do that, can I follow the steps here:

to compile and install firefly on it?

What are your thoughts?

That’s about right, although if you want nightlies (and I’d guess you do), then you’ll need sqlite 2.8 or sqlite 3.3.0+. Configure with –enable-sqlite or –enable-sqlite3, depending on which to get (2.8 or 3.3).

Other than that, basically run it and then head to the admin page and start configuring it. The nightlies have a better web config, so I’d use that rather than editing the config file.

— Ron

p.s. nightlies at, btw.