Reply To: Soundbridge STILL can’t read Firefly


@cfensch wrote:

But it says it is not connected to a library. Does Firefly create its own library? I can’t seem to find one to connect to, and it will not connect to my iTunes library. Suggestions?

No, not on the soundbridge.. in your prefs pane, where the share name is set to something like:

“exceptionally extremely long name’s firefly media server on exceptionally extremely long name’s G4 tower”

Change that to “Music” or something, and see if that does it.

There is a 255 character limit on txt records, and I’m using quite a bit of that already. Add a really long share name, and I bet that puts it over the limit, making the rendezvous registration fail and the server not start. That’s my guess now, anyway.

Guess I’ll have to check for over-limit txt records!

— Ron