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As I recently flashed the debian installer (d-i etch rc1) unto one of my slugs I was in the need of reinstalling mt-daapd. Ofc I had saved the .deb I made earlier myself, but as it was currently residing on another usb disk with no power supply I made for the nightlys. However having a fresh debian install with very little installed software (only samba, screen and irssi) I was very pleased to see that mt-daapd is in the etch feed. May I say YAY! 😆

Away I went and installed…

After unpacking 15.0MB of additional disk space will be used.

The following NEW packages will be installed:
avahi-daemon dbus liba52-0.7.4 libavahi-client3 libavahi-common-data
libavahi-common3 libavahi-compat-howl0 libavahi-core4 libavcodec0d
libavformat0d libdaemon0 libdbus-1-3 libdc1394-13 libexpat1 libflac7 libgsm1
libice6 libid3tag0 libogg0 libraw1394-8 libsm6 libsqlite3-0 libtag1c2a
libtagc0 libvorbis0a libvorbisenc2 libvorbisfile3 libx11-6 libx11-data
libxau6 libxdmcp6 mt-daapd x11-common

Oh really, x11 stuf eh? And 33 packages, this is one killer of a mediaserver…

Anyway, thanks for making my life even more easy. 8)