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@drone wrote:

Compiling from source tarball is fast, clean and troublefree.
On my de-underclocked slug it took less then 10 min to compile.

I also run a de-underclocked debonaras slug. The tarballs come with debian rules, so building a debian package should be as simple as “fakeroot debian/rules binary”.

Although I haven’t updated the debian rules for nightly, so it might be off somewhate.

I’m in the middle of trying to set up an automated build chain to automatically build:

1. debian x86
2. debian armeb
3. debian mipsel
4. ipkg armeb
5. ipkg mipsel
6. windows
7. FC5
8. Ubuntu hairy palm or whatever the latest is
9. Maybe osx… that might end up manually built.

I fought with getting esx server up and running, but was too slow with the ugly hardware I have laying around to make it work, so I’m switching to gsx server. I’m loading the vms now, and hopefully this weekend I’ll be dropping nightlies for all those platforms automagically.

since these ITPs have stagnated, and mt-daapd can be compiled against
avahi’s howl compatibility now, I have prepared dfsg-free source
packages and am ready to upload them. If any of the previous ITPers
would like to comaintain this with me, I am quite willing, just contact

Yeah, the thing that was stopping it was dfsg vs. aspl. Apple just bsd licensed the mdns stuff so I was going to repackage stable with avahi and the bsd licenced mdns stuff as 0.2.5, just so there was a free-free stable version around. The suse guys weren’t happy with aspl either, so that should make them happy too.

Hopefully I can get to all this over the weekend.

— Ron