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@the_witness wrote:

I’m not sure what I should be looking for in the syslog.

First off what file should I check?
Then, what message?

syslog generally writes to /var/log/messages, and if the server craps out fatally, it will leave a (helpful?) message in syslog saying why. It might be something obvious, like “this directory doesn’t exist” or something like that, so it’s always worth checking the syslog.

So what you would be looking for is something that explains why the server didn’t start.

As far as the logs go, you can set a “logfile” and a “loglevel” value so that you get more detailed logging. Try loglevel at 5, and then 9 if that doesn’t get you anywhere. And set the file to some path writable by the daemon. (I usuall use the PUBLIC share on my slug to dump logs, that way I can open them over smb to look at them).

They might give you a hint as to why it’s dying, too.

— Ron