Reply To: Failed to start Firefly Media Server


I tried running the Debug mode item and got the following error reported back immediately:

Title – “firefly.exe – Unable to Locate Component”

Error – “This application has failed to start because dnssd.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”

I checked the Firefly Media Server directory and there is no “firefly.log” file

I doubt it is a scanning issue, the server never even appears to load to begin the scanning process.

I re-installed and tried running debug mode again and received the same error.

During re-install I reviewed the file list that gets installed and do not see dnssd.dll as one listed that gets installed. Should it be part of the install package?

I did a Google desktop search and found that my PC has a copy of dnssd.dll in my Gizmo project directory. Gizmo project also uses bonjour to configure itself – I am going to try copying that file into the Firefly directory with the other dll files.