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@w8tah wrote:

If it would be possible to do these that woudl be SUPER cool

It will read regular m3u files as long as the “process_m3u” is set to 1 (or yes, in the web admin).

There are any number of m3u editing programs out there, so I’ll leave the googling of them as an exersize to the reader. (or to other readers willing to suggest — I use “find” as my m3u editor, so I don’t really know any)

one further question if i may – im planning on implementing this program at home also (this implementation is at work) and im wondering about a linux player that is compatible with this. I use Itunes here

I use rhythmbox at work, while another guy uses banshee. I think rhythmbox is best (obviously) although it is kind of feature-poor and stodgy. Banshee is sexier, but seems more crashy and buggy.

— Ron