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@Al_Vampyre wrote:

Ah, now that is a possibility, I changed the set up from manually mounting the Music disc (separate NTFS hard drive for Music) to automatically mounting the hard drive on start up to make it easier. I wonder if the permissions were changed as well?

Can I deal with that by changing the ‘runas’ portion of the mt-daapd.conf to ‘root’ rather than ‘alastair’ as it is at the moment or will I need to change the permission for the disk?

You could do that, but I wouldn’t do that on an installation that is exposed to the internet or anyone malicious.

It’s possible one could introduce a badly formatted mp3 file, or try overflow through a connect, so I’d only do that if it were on my home network and wasn’t worried about someone other than me having access to the network.

But yeah, you could do that.

— Ron