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Hello again,

On my XP setup, the latest nightly build seems to be much more reliable and I haven’t had any complaints from the other half so all seems OK.

My ubuntu setup however is giving me some problems, the Roku is connecting to the server and according to the web admin page everyhting looks ok but whatever file I try to play I’m getting an unable to play file error.

Now the strange thing is that the only thing I have done recently to my Ubuntu setup (which was working) was to upgrade to the K7 SMP kernel to make use of the fact that I have a dual core Opteron in this machine.

Is there a problem with this kernel, or has updating it broken something else, I have already tried to reinstall Firefly (last stable build, I’m too much of a Linux n00b to get the nightly rpm working on Ubuntu!) but it hasn’t fixed it…any ideas??

Thanks in advance