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@Al_Vampyre wrote:

Previously (and I really hate to say this) I was using WMC2 to stream to the Soundbridge and it seemed to happen less frequenty then but my plan is to migrate (gradually) to Ubuntu so I need something that will work on Linux…

I’d be grateful for any suggestions…even if the fault lies with my router!

As a last-ditch workaround, you can remove the “” from your plugins line in the config file. That will make it daap only, and I think the consensus is that people have been having more reliable connections using daap than rsp, although rsp is much faster.

I think the problem is related to dropped wireless connections on the sb side, but I’m not sure. I talked a bit with the roku guys and they were kind of perplexed as well.

Next nightly I’m going to add more log messages in the area that this is happening to try and nail down exactly what I see on my side. Maybe that will either highlight a problem on my side, or expose a problem on the other side. Either way, I hope that more debugging info will help nail this down.

Probably be tomorrow before I get the new nightly out, though.

In the meantime, try the daap-only approach and see where that gets you.

— Ron