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@blamm wrote:

Forgive me, I was a little imprecise. Smart playlists do display “artist- title” but only for songs that are in my “compilation” folder (I have not used ID3).

I was wondering if the “artist – title” display was possible for stuff that is not in the “complation” folder. I would like this feature because it is difficult to recognise a track in a playlist from its title only.

I am assuming that the “compilation”feature also tells my Roku to display “Various Artists”. Otherwise I would dump everything in there.

I think that’s likely to be a roku-side feature, not a firefly-side feature. Otherwise, I think it would be prohibitively difficult (both to configure, and to implement — have to check what kind of client, and whether or not it was a compilation, then change tags on the fly… eek).

Actually, it would be somewhat easier on the rsp side, but it would be pretty hard on the daap side.