Reply To: Web interface & Firefox


@CCRDude wrote:

Idea: 9 HTML warnings… if you use XHTML Strict, you should follow the standard, otherwise use HTML Transitional 😉

I didn’t see that patch in my email? 😉

The complete HTML header is invalid due to the (null)s, so maybe that’s why Firefox, strictly following the rules, doesn’t load the stylesheet?

Very likely, but I didn’t know where the (null) was coming from, as I’ve never seen that behavior before.

Looks very much like under some conditions, ispage is returning (null) instead of an empty line. And comparing that to the hdr.html, I found a possible explanation for that:
* On the current page, the line is written, but cut too early, after character 62!
* On other pages ispage, src-fields with a file in the same folder return an empty line, and
* src-fields with a file in a subfolder return (null).

That gives me something to go on. Thanks.

— Ron