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Reply To: mt-daapd Playlist options in webadmin panel not showing up?



@frank1980 wrote:

Many thanks about your kindly reply.
Of course I restart the server after editing .conf file.

From mt-daapd server, my amarok could find my shared music, and play the share music well.

I changed runas as nobody user even as root, but still no changes, also I changed directory.

Aaaah… I’m not sure amarok retrieves the playlists. Neither does rhythmbox. I’m not sure about banshee. Not sure why that is — it might be that they don’t have to concept of remote playlists, only locally generated playlists.

In any event, that’s an amarok thing. It may be that you can define smart playlists on the amarok side, though. I’m not really sure.

— Ron