Reply To: mt-daapd not scanning sub directories


@zdroshnya wrote:

Hi all,

first post here 🙂

I’ve just set up the mt-daapd server on Unslung 6.8.
Tried first just some mp3 files, and it went ok. Hearing them now on Rhythmbox.

The problem is that any sound files on the subdirectories are not added to the library…is that a standard definition that I’ll have to live with, or is there any configuration parameter that one can set up? (found nothing in mt-daapd.conf file…)

The files are on a WD MyBook 250GB, set up as a root disk on the Disk2 USB port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


It’s almost certainly permissions. Check to make sure the directories are at least r-x by the user that mt-daapd runs as (nobody).

– Ron