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@pmorris wrote:

I’ve setup Firefly on my home PC (Windows XP) and can see/play my FLAC music library on my ROKU Soundbridge. But my Denon 4306 (certified “Plays For Sure”) receiver cannot see Firefly. I’ve got Twonky & Tversity loaded and both of those servers can be seen and play just fine.

Here’s what I want to accomplish. Besides the 4306 and the soundbridge, I also have an iPod. I currently use a myriad of tools (dbPowerAmp, Foobar2000, Nero….) to hold together my system. I would much rather be on iTunes (I’d convert my library from FLAC to ALAC). Is this possible to get my Denon to see Firefly?

The denon wants a UPnP server, which firefly isn’t. Right now, firefly talks daap and rsp, not UPnP. At some point, there will probably be a UPnP front-end to it, as I want to stream music to my xbox 360, so I need to implement one.

But it will probably be a bit, as I have other stuff to fix before I start adding new features like upnp.

— Ron