Reply To: Playlist folders and smart playlists from iTunes


@PGutbrod wrote:

1.) In iTunes you can group playlists within folders and this structure is maintained if I connect from iTunes to iTunes but not if I connect from iTunes to Firefly. Firefly flattens the structure.

This will probably get done. I’m not sure how it will get edited, and I’m not sure how it will work with iTunes parsing, but we’ll see.

2.) Wouldn’t it be a better, if Firefly would label smart playlists from an iTunes XML file as smart playlists instead of labeling them as static playlists. I understand, that Firefly is creating static playlists from the iTunes smart playlists during the XML parsing. So they are actually static playlists but they are dynamically recreated each time the XML is parsed. So in the end they behave exactly like the smart playlists created in Firefly’s web interface. If they behave identically, they should be labeled identically, IMHO.

That might be possible. I’ll have to look and see how they are stored in the iTunes xml file.