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@ScottTFrazer wrote:

Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for this great software. I just downloaded the latest nightly and had it serving my iTunes library and playlists within about 20 minutes.

One thing I’ve noticed is that iTunes 7 allows nested folders, which can be kind of handy if you create a playlist for every artist or album in your library (I created #-F, G-M, etc. folders and then stuck the artist playlists inside those)

The current Firefly nightly serves these up as playlists, and makes the playlist hierarchy flat. Any chance it could treat them as nested playlists?

It’s on my “one day” list. I have the packet captures, and could do it, the only real problem is how to express those in configuration or via a web editor. that’s the only hard part, I think.

On the list, though.

— Ron