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@jazzmopper wrote:

I have mt-daapd listening on; I have my WiFi card on, and my OpenVPN server on My Roku Soundbridge on sees the mt-daapd server fine, and it also sees iTunes running on my laptop on However, iTunes doesn’t see mt-daapd on I have a firewall blocking all but the Soundbridge off, but since I have my laptop on and absolutely no restrictions on the VPN network, why can’t I see the server in iTunes?

Because your vpn isn’t passing multicast traffic. You can make it do so, I believe — I’m pretty sure I saw some stuff on doing just that, but I believe it requires running some sort of extra routing stuff on the server end.

The other alternative is to run a mdns proxy on your side. There are a couple out there, check the FAQ page for tunneling over ssh. I realize that isn’t what you are doing, but the stuff on mdns proxying still holds.

— Ron