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@JC wrote:


I have installed Firefly Media Server (1376) and it works great, except for the behaviour described below. My desktop runs Windows XP and iTunes 7. If I set the media directory to the iTunes directory and disable XML file processing then Firefly lists my audio files, but not my iTunes playlists and URLs. To have Firefly list these, I enable XML file processing, and they are listed. But all the other audio files are listed twice, which is rather annoying.

I am probably missing something here? Is there a way to scan the iTunes XML file only?

Thank you in advance for any help, and regards,


In the web admin, look for the option called “case sensitive” and set it to “No”. Then do a “full rescan” from the status page. Let it index everthing, then connect and see what it looks like. If there are missing playlists or anything, hit the “full rescan” again, disconnect, and reconnect after it’s indexed.

I’m guessing that should take care of it.

— Ron