Reply To: m4a playback issues


As if the MD5 wasn’t proof enough of mt-daapd’s innocence, from looking at the source and at an ethereal capture of the exchange when I play a track with Amarok it appears that mt-daapd just sends the file down the pipe, only altering it if you’ve turned on dynamic addition of cover art, which I haven’t. So both mt-daapd and iTunes are serving exactly what’s on the disk, no more, no less, and the data itself must be at fault.

I still don’t understand quite how all three clients fail to stream these tracks regardless of the fact that they load and play fine locally in iTunes, Amarok and on my iPod – but with mt-daapd in the clear, I guess that’s my problem. I know this isn’t really the forum for discussing non-mt-daapd issues, but if anyone happens to have had any experience with this I’d appreciate any advice 🙂