Reply To: mp4 video support


@Xioustic wrote:

I’ve noticed you added m4v support in one of your nightlies (Thu, 12 January 2006) but you failed to add mp4 as a video file type, I think. While I haven’t tried streaming an m4v file, I believe there is an issue with mp4 files because they are streamed like audio.

mp4 files and m4v files are interchangable and should be treated as such (you can rename a m4v file to an mp4 file and vice versa with no problems, at least, from what I’ve read). Any chance you could add mp4 files to the list of files to parse as video? I’d like to be able to stream my TV episodes from my computer. They’re all in mp4 format… Renaming them all to m4v would be a chore. 🙁

Thanks! This rocks.

Have you tried one? Does it work? If so, I’ll add it ot the next nightly.