@paulwa wrote:

I’m using a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini, which is a new NAS device, and though it has Twonky Media Server embedded I’d still quite like to point Firefly at the disk as well – Twonky isn’t handling playlists and tags too well.

However Firefly (SVN-1498) isn’t picking up my songs when I do a scan. I’ve followed the advice in this thread – setting the Firefly service to start up with a user name, which is passworded. I’ve set the UNC location as \MusicservershareMusic – however still nothing.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

Well, some steps to troubleshoot might be:

1. Log in as that user and password (if that’s not who you are already logged in as), and make sure you can see that share by going to start->run and typing “\musicservershareMusic” right in the “run” box. If it doesn’t pop up with the directories with songs, that’s the problem. I’d cut/paste the path right from the firefly config file, to make sure I didn’t miss a typo or something.

2. Verify you stopped and started the firefly server after you changed the username/password

3. Set the debuglevel to 9, and do a full scan. Then take a look at the logfile in “c:program filesfirefly media serverfirefly.log” and see if that gives you any helpful info.

— Ron