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It would be great if both Firefly and Roku compiled one page or post that has all the info needed for PC users. In my case, I wasted hours on first the iTunes site, then the Roku site, and finally on Firefly.

Here is the message that I sent to Roku:

Please provide a prominent trouble-shooting page that has all the info needed to deal with the problems with iTunes 7. I wasted hours today trying to figure out why my Roku Soundbridge had suddenly stopped working. And my first visit to your site was no help at all because I followed the guidance on this page support:
I did all the steps and none address the problem. Only then did I find part of the solution on Forums, but then I had to dig around to find the rest and then wait for a second scan before I knew it had worked.

Specifically, I upgraded to the most recent iTunes and changed some other settings on my computer and moved the Roku device. I had no idea why my Roku didn’t work after that. Once I finally found the forum that said to install Bonjour and then Firefly, I only had a partial solution because my music is not in my My Music folder but my Playlists are. By default, I had my playlists but no music. Then, I entered my correct library location but then had no playlists. I had to search forums again and piece together several different elements from different posts, trying out different solutions and not knowing if my final guess was correct because it needed to do a new scan before it found them.

If you had told me to do the following, it would have been very helpful:
1) Install Bonjour
2) Install Firefly
3) Open the browser view
4) Add an additional location for my music
(this would have allowed me to leave the My Music location with my playlists and just added an additional location with my library which is on the same computer but a different drive–this is not the Network problem described as the only Windows problem).

For people who have the Network problem, you could that solution, too, but the simple four steps above would have saved me hours of effort and frustration.