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@botho wrote:


I’m using mt-daapd v0.2.4 (NAS synology 106e) and have the latest iTune.
all is allright and work fine => great tool !

But, i would like to do some playlist and i don’t know how doing that easily with iTune ? since the shared music is in read only.

Thanks for some experiences and advise …


You can set up smart playlists using the playlist file, or by making regular .m3u files.

The .m3u files are lists of paths to files (one per line) to make a playlist. You should be able to find playlist building programs on the net. Make sure you save them in the mp3 directory as “relative” not “absolute” playlists.

The smart playlists are described in the sample playlist file. In the standard distribution, it is in /etc/mt-daapd.playlist, check there.

Basically you create a file with the smart playlist criteria you want. Something like this:

"Trance" {
genre includes "trance"

and it will make a playlist that meets those criteria. Those are the ways to do that. Investigate those, and come back with specific questions.

— Ron