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Reply To: Endless searching



Hi Ron,

I went ahead and ran firefly in the debug mode and sure enough there were three music file that caused the scan to hang. In all three instances I believe the reason the search stopped was due to foreign characters within the ID3 Tag which were unreadable (all 3 instances were from albums imported from Japan. Once I cleaned up the tags (i.e. deleted the comment section within the file properties), and restarted the debug scan (ending and restarting) I was able to plow through all the files. Once this was completed, I restarted firefly via normal start up, and I was immediately able to utilize the web admin interface as well as my Soundbridge was able to recognize the server. A big thank you, to you Ron for saving me from much mental anguish!!! Sorry I tried to find some way to copy the entry from the debug scan but was unable to do so, anyway, if it is any help, the unrecognized character sets pooped up in the file string and looked like a horizontal T.