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do what’s described here:

this refers to an earlier version of itunes but it’s good. Also delete the package receipt for itunes in hard drive/Library/Receipts


install the 6.0.5 version. When you launch it, you’ll get an error message saying a newer version of itunes created the library (or some such) and you won’t be able to run v.6

quit itunes. go into your music folder and you should see a sub folder called previous libraries. There should be a previous itunes library file which you should be able to use to overwrite the one in the parent directory. Just drag it out of the sub folder and tell it to replace the existing version.

relaunch itunes and you should be back in business with a working version of 6.0.5

For myself I did this a slightly different way in that I took a backup version made last month. (In trying to figure all this out I think I deleted a file I shouldn’t have, so had to resort to the backup version. Ho hum 😳 ) So I’ve lost a few things that I’ll have to re-add but essentially it’s got v6 back up.

Obviously it would make sense to make a copy of the itunes library and .xml file and stick them in a safe place before doing the overwrite.

If this works for other mac users could they indicate as such, as it would be useful over on the roku firefly forum for users who can’t get firefly to work…