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😆 you overestimate my abilities! I have figured out a lot of stuff through trial and error rather than through any great technical knowhow, though I have had good guidance as well of course from greater mortals than myself…

I must confess I’m at a loss. Like I said earlier, that latest nightlie (sorry to bang on about it) *should* have fixed that hanging issue. It was a bug in the earlier svn’s and it caught me out as well. I suppose what you could do is go down a step to svn1372 and see if that works. You never know…

My other suggestions would be to do some simple first aid – repair your disc permissions (Finder>Go>Utilities>Disc Utility) reboot, reinstall & see if that has an effect. The most comprehensive option – and I do it from time to time anyway – is to run software such as disc warrior or similar if you have it. It will sort out any (well, just about any) crankiness your mac has and again, perhaps that might resolve the issue.

Other than that, if you can downgrade to itunes 6 then that would of course be your solution til roku come out with the fix for itunes 7. You can get it here:

Not having done this I’m thinking off the top of my head here, but you would want to trash itunes 7, plus the itunes .plist files in /you/Library/Preferences – I see 3 .plist files in my setup. Of course you would want to put them aside rather than delete them from the trash just in case it all goes t*ts up and you need to restore them. Then install itunes 6.0.5 and hopefully you’d be set again. The only thing I can potentially see a problem with this is having to re-add your music to itunes again… and playlists disappearing.

Not having done this myself I am adding a large disclaimer – don’t blame me if it goes wrong…! On that basis you may not want to try this, but maybe I’ll give it a whirl this afternoon myself and see what happens… gotta go walk the dog now!