Reply To: Endless searching



did you install the latest nightly? svn1376?

The last thing it says in the log is “(a000ed98): Scanned 2860 songs (was 2860) in 7 seconds,”

this does suggest that actually your music got scanned and added to firefly , but what’s happening on the sb – does firefly show? can you connect? if so, does your music show up? If not..

Lets start from scratch:

manually uninstall firefly:

Open System Preferences and click on the Firefly icon
• If Firefly is running, click “Stop Firefly”
• If you are running Firefly 1.0b3 or 1.0, un-check the “Show Firefly menu in menu bar” box
• Change the “Start Server” option to “Manually”, and click Apply Now
• Close System Preferences
• In the Finder, open your home folder
• Open the folder called Library
• Open the Application Support folder
• Drag the Firefly folder inside Application Support to the Trash
• If you installed 1.0b3 or 1.0 for the current user only, or if removing 1.0b1 or 1.0b2:
• Go back up one level to your Library folder
• If you installed 1.0b3 or 1.0 for all users:
• Open the window for your hard disk drive, and within that window, open the Library folder
• Open the PreferencePanes folder
• Drag Firefly.prefPane to the Trash
• Restart your computer, or log out and log in again

having done all that, first up empty the trash
then I’d suggest doing a spotlight search to make sure you’ve got rid of firefly completely.

download the svn1376 nightlie again and go through the steps of stopping & unsinstalling. You should get a couple of errors on the basis that there’s nothing to stop & nothing to uninstall but we’re trying to make absolutely sure there’s nothing left from your previous install.

Having done that, hit the prefpane icon to install. Go for the install for this user only. Before going any further with the install go into system prefs/sharing and do the port thing I described earlier in the thread & open up a spare port (actually it will still be there from your previous version as uninstalling firefly has no effect on the port you’d previously opened.) So, confirm that port number, go back to the firefly pane in system prefs and clcik the advanced tab & assign the server port manually that you have chosen in the advanced tab. Browse to your music location and hit the apply now tab. Hit start firefly and cross your fingers… To see whats happening hit the log tab and you should see everything being added to the server as it scans.

To give you an idea, I have about 4000 songs that on a fresh full scan takes about 90 seconds or so to process.

If it’s still hung then I’m at a loss… I had hanging problems on earlier versions but since installing 1376 when it was first posted, it’s been a dream.

[since I wrote this ron & you have both responded… the only thing I would add is that slimserver on the sb is incredibly slow. I know, I also have it – it’s theonly way to get the principle bbc radio stations. It’s worth perservering if you can be bothered – firefly is way faster]