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@andyg wrote:

Ron, the invoice is in the post… 😆

as is the check. 🙂

seriously though, this has got to be the 6th or 7th person between this forum & the roku forum showing the same symptoms with firefly not connecting til that port’s opened up (not counting those who searched the forums & found the solution themselves). And with itunes 7 putting a large spanner in the works (great for firefly obviously 😉 ) more users are going to get caught out by this.

Yeah. I noticed. I’m spending a lot of time answering mail and forums. I did post a link to this thread on the nightlies page, but that will only help those that actually use the nightlies. Would make sense for the Roku people to post it.

How about a sticky topic or whatever it’s called here & on the roku forum with these instructions or a version of, so that people can try to figure it themselves.

Yeah, maybe I will post a sticky. Good call.

Or… how about posting 1376 as the stable build… or is that jumping the gun?

I asked one of the roku guys off-line if they could post 1359 instead of 1313… hopefully they’ll be able to do that fairly quickly.