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are you running the stable build or the latest nightly – svn.1376?

If you’re on the stable build, then go grab yourself the latest nightly from here:

you want the .dmg download as I’m sure you know. Please don’t worry about what it is says at the top of the page – plenty of us are using this version & it is WAY better than the last official release as it’s ironed out a fair few gremlins – inclduing one that makes it apparent that firefly is starting ad infinitum.

Get the download, open the package, run the stop & uninstall scripts, then the install and you should be set. One thing you might want to consider if the sb & firefly still don’t want to play ball is to open up a specific port in your firewall for them to communicate to each other.

Go to System prefs/Sharing/Firewall and select New. Port name is ‘Other’, assign a port in TCP – I use 1024 for example. UDP leave blank, give the name ‘Firefly’. Ok that. Go to the Firefly pref pane is System prefs and click Advanced. Set ‘Assign Server Port’ to ‘Manually’ and then enter the port number you have chosen. Apply the change.

there are considerations with doing this if you have other user accounts on the one machine but if you’re the admin/sole user then you should be fine.