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Reply To: Bonjour Stopped – Help Please


The Soundbridge “sees” my iTunes Library, but of course SB and iT 7 are incompatible. The Soundbridge also recognizes the Firefly media server but can’t see any content. No artists, albums, songs, etc.

When I go to the FF Web interface I see the following info:

Bonjour: Stopped
Firefly media server: running
File scanner: Idle

Uptime: 4 hrs …..
Songs: 0
Songs Served: 0
DB version: 2

I’ve set the proper music directory. When I run a full scan it literally takes 2.5 seconds, yet I have 750 CDs ripped into the directory.

I’m not sure what else to tell you except that all of the music is ripped at AAC 320

Also, the music directory is on a networked server, not the physical PC on which FF and iT are installed. So I just installed bonjour on the server as well, but it made no difference.