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OK – Thanks for your help. This setup seems to work.

1. Create in local XP a “Network Place” named ‘Music on Aires’ which maps to \airesmusic (I did this cause iTunes did not want to browse to the systems in the windows network but it did see network places…..)

2. Set iTunes Music Folder location to: \airesmusicmp3

3. Set Firefly Media location(s) to: D:My DocumentsMy MusiciTunes,\airesmusicMP3 (display in tray configuration tool) using the web configuration tool. The wild thing about the web tool is that it:
a. errors trying to save a mapped drive
b. the browse tool from iTunes 7 did not display servers in the Windows Domain
c. but it does show a “Network Place”.

Funny but now iTunes does browse the windows network properly.

Now things appear to be OK. 😀

After the weekend I will be asking about internet radio streams…… But that’s a subject for another day.