Reply To: Win XP install for Roku SB 1000


@dscycler wrote:

When I try to save a 2nd music folder as: Z:MP3…..

firefly responds with “Error: 500general:mp3_dir”

Erp. That should probably show up with a friendlier pop-up error message. Oops!

What it *should* say is “the directory z:mp3…” is invalid. Apparently the drive letter isn’t being mapped when the service starts.

And some googling shows that yeah, drive letter handling for services is different under server 2k3 and xp than on w2k.

Hrm. *are* the playlists showing up as empty? They probably should be. I’ll have to come up with some way to map a drive letter to a unc path so that firefly can find the files.

As a “quick fix”, you can toss the .xml file into the music directory on the server, and it should pick up the playlists from that. Still, though, this needs a better fix.