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@dscycler wrote:

OK, now some of it is coming together. Storing my MP3s on a network share complicates things.

Now with firefly pointing at the iTunes xml file in My Docs and a 2nd line pointing (via unc) to the share where the MP3s are the cataloging process is taking much longer and is counting up songs. And they are playing on the Roku. Cool.

If you end up with empty playlists, it might be because firefly can’t figure out that x:mp3whatever is the same as \serversharemp3whatever, since the data in the iTunes file will be drive letter based, and the path from the scan will be unc based.

So it might be strange that way.

If so, then drop the unc one, and make firefly log in as your user account on the service tab. If the drive is connected as persistent (i.e. you checked the box that said “remember this connection” or whatever), then it should map the drive letter for firefly, and it should be able to index just off hte iTunes xml file (and better be able to figure ot playlists).

— Ron