Reply To: Good with iTunes 7.0


Tidbits gleaned from the initial server response:

dmap.protocolversion is 2.3 (0x00 0x02 0x00 0x03)
daap.protocolversion is 3.3 (0x00 0x03 0x00 0x03) is 3.0 (0x00 0x03 0x00 0x00)
aeFP is new(?) and set to 1

Tibdits gleaned from the ContentCodes and NOT in

fx8Dch, dmap.haschildcontainers, 0x01
agrp, daap.songgrouping, 0x09
asaa, daap.songalbumartist, 0x09
asct, daap.songcategory, 0x09
ascn, daap.songcontentdescription, 0x09
aslc, daap.songlongcontentdescription, 0x09
asky, daap.songkeywords, 0x09
ascr, daap.songcontentrating, 0x01
asgp, daap.songgapless, 0x01
apsm, daap.playlistshufflemode, 0x01
aprm, daap.playlistrepeatmode, 0x01
aeSF,, 0x05
aePC,, 0x01
aePP,, 0x01
aeHV,, 0x01
aeMK,, 0x01
aeSN,, 0x09
aeNN,, 0x09
aeEN,, 0x09
aeES,, 0x05
aeSU,, 0x05
aeGH,, 0x05
aeGE,, 0x05
aeGD,, 0x05
aeGU,, 0x07
aeGR,, 0x07
aeFP,, 0x01
aePS,, 0x01

Some seem straightforward. Others (like the gapless support) seem quite the mystery. Most likely (for gapless especially) due to the nature of determining the length of the song to allocate a buffer? As mentioned before though, NO configuration is needed for iTunes 7 to play gapless streamed ALAC files from Firefly (presumably as they’re lossless). WAV and AIFF files are probably similar in this regard.