Reply To: 1376 on UNSLUNG 6.8, connection lost


@Dave.B wrote:

I’m running 1359 on uNSLUng 5.5, but I am also experiencing random connection losses with my Roku SB. I haven’t generated a log yet, but I will try and remember tonight.

I’ll tell you what I see on this end… when it first prepares to send the file, it says:

Length of file (remaining) is 9597760

That should be the file size of “04 – Ray LaMontagne – Narrow Escape.mp3”.

Then it later says:

Finished streaming file to remote: 7700480 bytes

That means the socket was closed before it finished streaming. All this looks okay from the firefly side. It looks like either the connection was lost, or broken (skipping to next file, etc) on the client side.

Looks good from here.

— Ron