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@gspotter wrote:

… the xbox implementation requires Name, Artist, Album and Genre to be present and populated to work. I’d like to have the feature to set a default for each of these in mt-daapd.conf where none is present or could not be read…

There are short term plans for a s-lang scripting plug-in so you can do arbitrary tag re-writes just before db insertion. This sounds like a candidate for that.

There is also a feature on the web interface under [daap] called “empty strings”. If you set that to “Yes”, it will ensure that it sends a zero length string rather than omitting the tag when it streams out results.

That is, it will send Name, Artist, etc as “”, rather than not returning them, which is what iTunes does. Personally, I like that better than “Unknown”, which makes it difficult to see what is untagged, imho.

The long term solution is the plugin that allows arbitrary retagging using a user-supplied script.

Even with all that said, I’ve changed the behavior of the daap/empty_strings configuration value to make it set genre, album, and artist to “Unknown” as well as returning empty strings for anthing else.

That’s in svn as r1378. You’ll see it in next nightlies.

I know that it would be easier for you guys to have me correctly fill in ID3 tags – which I have accordingly to iTunes but not accordingly to mt-daap.

That’s a separate bug. 🙂

What kind of files? And if MP3, what id3v2 version, and what version of libid3tag on the server?

— Ron