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@Dave.B wrote:

I checked, 2.5.171 is the latest release. There is 2.5.173 available as a beta if I register my MAC address with Roku. The only difference according to RokuMike is the ability to play iTunes radio station playlists.

My SB just played for over two hours before stopping. When it does, it stops mid song and just disappears from my network, not respnding to pings or serving up it’s web config pages.

I’m running svn-1359, but I’m not sure that it’s a Firefly problem, so I’m probably straying too far from the original subject.

The *soundbridge* disappears? that’s strange. Wireless or wired? I sure don’t see that. I don’t do them all the time, as I usually do stress or memory leak tests with a python test client, but I occasionally do stress tests with real soundbridges, and the last time I did one (probably around the 1359 timeframe), I served a couple soundbridges for several days before I moved to the next nightly.

— Ron