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@Dave.B wrote:

I realise that this is expected behaviour, and a Pinnacle SoundBridge would only show the RSP one, but having both shown on the Roku box seems a bit silly, especially when they are both called “NSLU2 Music”.

Newer soundbridge firmware should suppress one of them. Strange that it doesn’t.

How do I tell the difference between them?

I’m not sure you can… I used to do name mangling so one would show up as “Servername (rsp/1.0)”, but they changed the stuff on the roku side and name mangling doesn’t work anymore — it just displays the server name.

Which is better, RSP or DAAP?

They should be exactly equivalent, except that rsp should be *much* faster.

And is it possible to hide one of them on the Roku box?

That’s a firmware issue, but as I said, I thought the lastest firmwares hid the daap one if the rsp one was present. Next nightly will make the daap server a module as well, so you can choose to load one or the other.

— Ron