Reply To: 1376 and uNSLUng 5.5: configuration?


@rpedde wrote:

I’d check first htat your admin_root is set right — that it points to the right directory.

Did that. Was OK.

Also, might be worth reinstalling and letting it overwrite your config (and then changing the stuff you’ve changed) — there are some confgi changes… nothing that I would think would make it not work, but still worth doing.

Effectively did that on upgrade, since I saved my old and let yours roll in. Then I manually changed admin pw and logging, along with the source mp3 directory.

Might also try installing Firebug and seeing what errors come up when you try to browse the page. that might help.

Any 404 errors in the mt-daapd log?

I didn’t see any errors in the log (aside from some “short file” errors, which I’ll be checking on…) And today – with a fresh browser – it seems to be working. Something in FireFox may be flakey, so sorry for the red herring. Onward!