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Reply To: 1376 and WMA files



@Ted Harper wrote:

Any progress on this issue of WMA parsing on some ?old? files that were being processed fine up to 1372/1376?

I also have the same ongoing problem with some of my WMA files and 1376 (on a NSLU2), so am hoping the next nightly has a fix (or at least avoids an infinite loop so the rescan can complete, even if some files – or tags within a file – are skipped).

Ron, do you still need a sample file for this problem, or was the debug output enough to track it down at least enough to put in a failsafe loop-breaker in the parsing code for any WMA-strangeness?


Yeah, I do. I was sure this was already fixed, but I can’t find it in the svn commits. Maybe I have it laying about uncommited on a machine somewhere. Gack… too many development machines, clearly.

Yeah, if you have one that still exhibits the problem, I’d love to see it. Like I said, that whole header frame is marked as “vendor specific”, so there is no real documentation on the layout, so I’m pretty much just guessing from observation.

Would be helpful to observe more. 🙂

— Ron