Reply To: m4v through mt-daapd


@nathanziarek wrote:

How is work progressing on this?

I’ve noticed the same (or similar) thing: If I use QuickTime to export the movie to an AppleTV profile, the movie appears to stream through mt-daap no problem (not sure how to tell if it is actually streaming vs. copying, but at 50MB, it starts pretty quick). If I just straight rip it with Handbrake (essentially ffmpeg), it doesn’t work at all.

I’m mostly interested in getting video to work, but I’ve got no real programming skill to offer. I’d be happy to continually test out new versions, though and see what I find.

This latest test was on svn-1539.


Did you apply the fast-start fix mentioned above? Since iTunes 7.1, all has been streaming fine for me.

— Ron