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@dr_s wrote:

The first downloads the file in its entirety. The second begins after about 5 seconds, and downloads the file using bytes ranges (essentially streaming). I’m not sure if the first connection is terminated at some point.

I’ve seen that on protected movies.. it looks like it’s grabbing the headers to see if it has (or needs) the encryption key for it, then does a fresh fetch if it can play it.

Since streaming seems to work just fine (using qt-faststart) over httpd, I just wrote a little website to serve my videos over http (which also makes access via the web easier). Though it would be nice to also share over iTunes if that gets worked out at some point in the future.

I’ll take a closer look at it. It probably is related to the problems I’m having with FrontRow. I think once I get those worked out, the streaming will probably come with it.

Thanks for looking at this, though.

In regards to your uncertainty about iTunes streaming and H.264 streaming, I’m certain that iTunes is doing streaming in its sharing of video files. About H.264 vs Xvid, my knowledge in this area is very limited, but I believe that streaming occurs just fine with either codec within iTunes.

Good to hear, anyway… if I can make it go, then I might be able to do server-side transocoding of video, which would be nice.

— Ron