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@fizze wrote:

I have a unsling script on my slug, so that mt-daapd is started upon boot.
I just realized, that is is defunct.
There are lots of Zombified instances of mt-daapd left in memory, any clues how this might happen ?

I know that the same script used to work as late as 900ish nightlies for sure.

So the Q is, what has changed in mt-daapd since then that affects startup behavious ?
Its really a nag, and the slug doesnt really reboot often, but if it happens, its nice not to have to turn a PC on and “fix” mt-daapd… 😉

zombies happen because processes are terminated and not reaped. I’d check your syslog and see what’s up. You might be getting killed for oom condition.

Maybe some of your gigantic oggs slipped into the db?