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@rpedde wrote:

It’s an encoding issue. the server wants them in utf-8. Can you set your playlist generator to output in utf-8?

Thanx for the hint. Just had a look, yes I can, and I had (I guess it was the default). Unchecked the option and the same entry looks like that now:

#EXTINF:232,La Vienta – Niño
La VientaForgotten Romance5 – La Vienta – Niño.flac

Now Firefly is reading the m3us, but not files with foreign characters. Logfile says:

2006-10-19 12:38:51 (00000400): Playlist entry La Vienta/Forgotten Romance/05 – La Vienta – Niño.flac bad: Path not found

So only songs with normal ASCII characters can be used.

I just checked, I can still play that song on the Soundbridge without playlists.

Just discovered another problem, but I will post that in an extra thread.