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@cosmo wrote:

2.) These are playlist generated with Winamp having the following format

#EXTINF:218,Fleetwood Mac – Tell Me Lies
MusicFleetwood MacFleetwood Mac – Tell Me Lies.mp3

My playlists are generated with MediaMonkey and they have the same format.

Interesting bit: If a file has foreign characters, the entry looks like that:

#EXTINFUTF8:232,La Vienta РNi̱o
#EXTINF:232,La Vienta – Niño
#UTF8:La VientaForgotten Romance5 РLa Vienta РNi̱o.flac
La VientaForgotten Romance5 – La Vienta – Niño.flac

Now Firefly (svn-1400) does not read my m3u-files. Is that still caused by that format or is there another thing I am doing wrong? (Yes, process_m3u is set to 1)