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Some very unscientific measurements of the Firefly service using Sysinternals Process Explorer.

System – 1.3 GHz Pentium 4, Windows XP Pro, 640MB RAM
Firefly – svn-1372
Firefly scan config – scan type=2-Painfully Agressive; rescan interval=43200; Always Scan=yes


Footprint after server start: 30MB Virtual, 6.5MB Working Set
Footprint following full db scan and streaming tests: 40MB Virtual, 7MB Working Set
Footprint after 3 days of uptime: 56MB Virtual, 7MB Working Set


During Full Database Scan: 18-20%
Play AAC in iTunes (same computer): 0%
Play FLAC in iTunes (same computer): 1-3%
Play AAC on SoundBridge: 1%
Play FLAC on SoundBridge: 1-3%

The reason I love this server is that it’s footprint is so much smaller than others like iTunes or SlimServer!!!