Reply To: OGG ssc setup question


Getting closer!
I added :

plugin_dir = /usr/share/mt-daapd/plugins/
plugins =,

And this is what I got in the log files.

Session 0: Streaming file ’50 Cent – In My Hood.ogg’ to (offset 0)
Transcoding /data/Music/50 Cent/The Massacre/50 Cent – In My Hood.ogg with ssc-script/svn-1372
Executing /usr/bin/ “/data/Music/50 Cent/The Massacre/50 Cent – In My Hood.ogg” 0 231.000 “ogg”
Updating Content-Type from application/x-dmap-tagged to audio/wav
Added *Connection=Close*
Emitting reponse header Connection: Close
Emitting reponse header Expires: -1
Emitting reponse header Cache-Control: no-cache
Emitting reponse header Content-Type: audio/wav
Emitting reponse header DAAP-Server: mt-daapd/svn-1372
Emitting reponse header Accept-Ranges: bytes
Emitting reponse header Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 23:46:04 GMT
wavstreamer: Write failed.
Error writing to file: Broken pipe
Got CLD signal. Reaping
Entering config_set_status
Exiting config_set_status
Thread 2: Terminating
Thread 2: Freeing request headers
Thread 2: Freeing response headers
Thread 2: Freeing request vars
Thread 2: Closing fd

Looks like their is a problem with wavstreamer. Any more ideas?